Gabriel Leif Bellman

Gabriel Leif Bellman

Mediation Arbitration Litigation

You Have Rights

Health Cases:
Negotiated a settlement between children and a landlord resulting from lead-paint violations: $225,000
Negotiated a settlement for a foot injury resulting from a fall: $139,000
Negotiated a settlement for civil rights violations resulting in treatment from a car salesman: $40,000
Negotiated multiple settlements for living conditions in residences with landlords: various amounts, $20,000-$80,000
Negotiated buy-out agreements between landlords and tenants
Helped draft leases for landlords to protect against lawsuits by tenants

Criminal Cases:
Successfully reduced 3 felony and a misdemeanor stalking charges to one misdemeanor probation.
Handled investigation of client in sexual assault case, resulting in no charges being brought.
Advised multiple clients in hit and run cases, resulting in no charges being brought.
Helped client obtain visitation rights for child after domestic violence arrest.
Represented client facing multiple counts of resisting arrest resulting in charges being dropped.
Helped obtain early release for client facing probation violation resulting in client being able to spend holidays with family.
Handled licensing trial of teacher accused of striking student.

General Civil Law:
Negotiated a settlement for injury and housing conditions against a landlord for $150,000.
Provided legal advice for client involved in dispute over personal property.
Provided legal advice for business client involved in dispute over real property.
Worked on cease and desist business dispute.
Helped business obtain default judgments for unpaid goods.
Helped draft agreement for Tech company using native software