Gabriel Leif Bellman

Gabriel Leif Bellman

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You Have Rights

• Criminal Defense
• Felony crimes
• Misdemeanors
• DUI defense

Whether you have been accused of something that happened while you were out of town, or have photographs showing that you were engaged in an unlawful act, you still have rights. Don't give up hope. Whether it is a felony, a misdemeanor, a DUI, or something combining multiple crimes- you have constitutional protections and you have the right to an attorney. Call for a free consultation and don't waste time worrying.

You've been accused of a crime and you are probably nervous and concerned. That is a human emotion. Don't feel hopeless or feel like you have no options. I have represented people who have done things they weren't proud of, and I have represented people who have done things they were proud of (which happened to be illegal).

Let me talk to you before you say anything to the police. Know what your rights are so that you can be an active participant in protecting them. Call today for a free consultation.

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